Notable Cases


These are Some of our Most Notable Cases:

“Jury Clears Man in Wine Glass Killing"
After four hours deliberation, a jury acquitted suspect who made claim of self-defense.
Buffalo News 07/14/2011
“Cleared by DHA Testing, Buffalo Woman is Freed in Daughter's 1993 Murder"
Found guilty of 1993 strangling of 13-year-old daughter, Lynn Dejac is freed by DNA evidence.
The New York Times 11/29/2007
“LoTempio for the Defense"
In representing a man accused of a bike path slaying, lawyer who quit judgeship to speak for accused may face toughest challenge of career.
The Buffalo News 01/26/2007
“Police Officer’s son cleared of Attempted Murder” People v. Douglas
Erie County Court: Police officer’s son charges with shooting man in Buffalo apartment. Attorney claims that gun was pulled on defendant and turned on the other man in self-defense.
The Buffalo News 08/27/04
“Firefighters’ Friend is Acquitted of Arson Charges” People v. Johnson
Eire County Court: Defendant originally charged with burning 14 houses; Confesses to six counts of 3rd degree Arson and two counts 2nd degree Arson, acquitted of all charges. 
The Buffalo News 08/27/04
“Black Rock Man Guilty (of Manslaughter) in Death of Girlfriend” People v. Swiderski
Erie County Court: Defendant shoots mother of his children point-blank in broad daylight as kids are getting off the school bus. Jury accepts attorney’s claim of “extreme emotional disturbance.” 
The Buffalo News 03/05/92
“Jury Acquits Walker in Amherst Firebombings That Killed 2” People v. Walker
Erie County Court: Defendant alleged to have firebombed the next door neighbors to his estranged ex-girlfriend; Charged with Murder and Arson, acquitted of all charges. 
The Buffalo News 01/29/94
“4 Acquitted of Killing Man in Ambush” People v. Alls
Erie County Court: Defendant accused of ambushing would-be drive-by-shooters; 1 acquitted of all charges; 3 acquitted of Murder charges and convicted of Attempted Murder. 
The Buffalo News 10/22/91
“Cattaraugus Man Convicted on Lesser Count in Killing” People v. Brockenshire
Cattaraugus County: Defendant accused of shooting a man in the back; Charged with Murder and convicted of 2nd degree Manslaughter and Reckless Endangerment. 
The Buffalo News 02/08/92
Judge Acquits Defendant in Killing of clerk
Buffalo News June 2015
Federal Trial ends in acquittal 
of Tre Smitherman 
Four acquitted in Killing of Dirt Track Racer
Buffalo news July 12, 2014
8 week federal trial results in not guilty verdict of Carlos Canales
Sedita Questions Judge’s [ Not Guilty ] Verdict
Buffalo news December 23 2014
Mitchel Moore found not responsible by reason of mental disease.
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